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Official Website to Collect Evidence of Human Rights Violations and Crimes against Humanity in Bangladesh Committed as Part of a State Policy Against the Civilian Population.

Bangladesh's Record of Human Rights Violations

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh has for a number of years been a country of concern for many within the international community, as despite its rhetoric and protestations to be a democracy, the reality is very different, with countless mass human rights violations being committed with worrying frequency, to such an extent that it can be seen as State sanctioned policy

The Government of Bangladesh and its security services now have statutory authority to continue to oppress civilians, oppression that thus far, has been free from consequence, other than ‘statements of concern’ from some quarters of the international community. The Government has systematically and systemically sought to increasingly repress opposition to its rule, through murder, torture, forced disappearances arbitrary imprisonment, persecution and other inhumane acts.

The scale of the situation should be assessed both quantitatively and qualitatively, and by taking into account the number of direct and indirect victims, and the extent of the damage caused by the crimes, in particular the bodily or psychological harm caused to the victims and their families, and their geographical or temporal spread (intensity of the crimes over a brief period or low intensity violence over an extended period). The underlying acts are of the most serious in nature, and include increasing numbers of state killings, torture, deportation, imprisonment, persecution on political grounds, enforced disappearance and other inhumane acts of civilians. Groups, and persons belonging to these groups have been stigmatised and deliberately targeted on the basis of their presumed political affiliations.

The crimes have been committed systematically and systemically, through state machinery, including the police force, the Rapid Action Battalion, the Border Guards Bangladesh, the judiciary and judicial system. Government speeches and rhetoric also evidence the abuse of power, and the organised policy to systematically repress and discriminate against the opposition.


Guernica 37 initiated a programme to defend the victims in Bangladesh and ensure justice for them by filing a request with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open an investigation into the Situation in Bangladesh. Guernica 37 has received a considerable amount of significant evidence already to bring this issue in front of the ICC and will continue to strengthen its investigations by working closely with the affected communities, civil society actors, and international human rights groups. 


This website is dedicated to collecting evidence from all persons who are interested to be a part of a credible and leigimtate attempt to ensure that those who are responsible for crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC are held accountable. 

Submitting Information and Evidence

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